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Altınbeşik Mağarası

Altınbeşik Cave It is located on the western slope of the deep and steep Manavgat Valley in the Altınbeşik Cave National Park, located southeast of the product village of İbradı District of Antalya. Unlike the old information on the internet, there is a road to the cave by car. At the end of working hours, the cave is closed to visitors. The door (National Park Entrance) on the bridge on the road after the product village is closed. The 4.5 km road between the product village and the cave creates a very exciting journey for those who are afraid of heights. The landscape encountered at the end of the road is a beauty that will fascinate people. During this trip, you should definitely see the "Button Houses" located in İbradı District, Ormanda Town and the product village.

The cafeteria and sightseeing boats at the entrance of Altıbeşik Cave are operated by Anset, which is the operation of Antalya Metropolitan Municipality. Here, 5.00 TL per person is collected as the National Park entrance fee. (July 2016) The excursion service within the cave is provided free of charge. It is mandatory to wear a life jacket on boarding the boat. It is forbidden to swim in the lake. There is a hiking trail that takes about 1 or 1.5 hours between the product village and Altınbeşik Cave.

Turkey's largest European 3. The cave is a large underground lake, which can be searched to find 2200 meters, along with part of the arm. The cave starts with a 125 m long lake from its mouth. The depth of the lake reaches up to 15 meters in places. In the middle of the lake, there is a bridge consisting of a natural rock block. At the end of this lake, there is a travertine close to a vertical upright that covers the entire hall, 44 meters high. Then, in the cave, which continues with 3 branches, the active branch was explored up to a stream 8 meters high. Outside the fossil branch, the cave is completely covered with travertines and crevices. The cave is suitable for entrance only in summer and autumn. In winter and spring, the cave is filled with water and flows from the stream in front of it. Therefore, the cave is closed naturally in these seasons.

Transportation to Altinbesik Cave National Park can be done from 2 routes.

1. D 695 Konya Manavgat Highway (Akseki Road) from Ibradı district to product village. Distance from Antalya Alanya Highway Konya Junction to the product village is approximately 90 km. dir

2. From Manavgat Büyük Şelale road, you can reach the product village of Dikmen via Yaylaalan. The distance between Manavgat District and Urunli Village is 54 km. d.


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