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Aspendos Theatre

Aspendos Ancient City
The first name is ESIVEDISI, as it can be seen on the coins it prints. It is stated that the formation of today's word Aspendos is derived from the words ASPA-AT, SPANTA, which means Persian Horse and Sacred place. Aspendos was famous for raising the best horses of the ancient world. The foundation of the city BC. It is estimated to have come across the 10th century. However, the city, like other Pamfilya Cities, BC. It takes its place in history at the beginning of the 7th century. 49 km from Antalya. 8 km from Serik District. It is one of the richest cities of Pamphylia, where the Köprüpazarı Stream reaches the plain from the mountainous region. BC Persian domination until the first quarter of the 5th century. After the naval war won by Greek Commander Kimon at the mouth of Euremedon (Köprüpazarı Stream) against Persians, Asapendos BC. Up to 425, it remained a city attached to the Atika-Delos Marine Union. BC In 411, the Persians used Aspendos as a naval base. Kent BC In 333 it came under Alexander the Great. After Alexander, he remained dominated by the Ptolemies for a long time. BC The Romans were dominant since the beginning of the 2nd century. City İ.S. In the 7th century it was subjected to Arab attacks and abandoned.

Aspendos theatre
Located on the 2nd km of the road turning north from 44th km of Antalya - Alanya highway, Aspendos is famous for having the best preserved Roman Period theater not only of Anatolia but of the entire Mediterranean world.

The city was established on the hill plain near Köprüçay (Ancient Eurymedon), one of the largest rivers in the region. BC The name of the coins printed in the 5th century is called Estvediys. This Anatolian name is proof that the city has been inhabited since ancient times.

Ancient Aspendos City and Amphitheater Detailed Information

Note: If you are going to visit the ancient city with the theater (both can be visited with the same ticket), it seems more appropriate to choose the morning or afternoon time in very hot weather. Do not forget to take water from the buffet / cafeteria at the entrance when you are going to visit the ancient city. A lot of space is visited above. While going to Aspendosa, you can visit the historical Aspendos (Belkıs) Bridge on the road.

Aspendos Theater: It is the most robust theater that has survived from the ancient world to this day. It was built by Architect Zenon, the son of Theodoros from Aspendos, in the 2nd century AD. The theater was dedicated to Emperor Marcus Avrelius by the Curtius Brothers. The theater was restored and used as a caravanserai during the Seljuk period. There are 20 rows of seats at the top and bottom, 49 arched galleries above, a 2-storey stage building and 5 doors and lounges opening to the podium on the first floor. Its most important feature is its excellent acoustics. So much so that it is possible to hear the sound of a metal coin or a ripped paper from the top row of seats. The audience capacity of the theater is 15,000 people. Other buildings in the city; stadion, agora, basilica, bath, aqueduct, nympheum (monumental fountain) and other ruins in the acropolis.


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