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These are the architectural structures unique to the region, which have been applied intensively in Akseki and İbradı districts and villages of Antalya Province. Buttoned houses are structures made entirely using materials in the region (tree and stone). The biggest feature of these houses is that they are built without using any materials such as mortar or cement. In the buildings, Taurus Cedar (Tar Tree) and Andız Tree grown in high plateaus were used. The skeleton of the building was made of wood and stones were stacked inside them. This architectural style has been called the “beam dry wall”. In these buildings, although the stone wall seems to be the main carrier, the house carries a wooden frame. These houses are called "Buttoned Houses" (Pişduvan) because the end ends of the wall seem like buttons.

If you want to visit the region for Button Houses, you can start from Akseki District. Do not forget to go to Atatürk Monument in Akseki District Center and watch the city from a bird's eye view and visit Mustantik Mustafa Efendi Mansion (Painted House) from Haci Omerzades. At the entrance of Akseki, the starting track park of Akseki-Sarıhacılar Historical Caravan Migration Road (Ancient Roman Roads) will meet you. Do not forget to visit Sarıhacılar Village, which is at the end of this track, under protection and all houses are "Button House". Walking on the ancient roads of Sarıhacılar Village, which looks like an open-air museum, and experiencing that atmosphere creates a different experience. The woodworking of the village mosque and the ceiling decorations are worth seeing. You can also visit Belekalan and Bucakalan Villages, which form the 2nd track of the ancient road. There are examples of buttoned houses in these villages.

The Gidengelmez Mountains National Park, located near the Değirmenlik Village near the Antalya-Konya border, is one of many places worth seeing in the region. You can see the Cevizli Village and its restored streets built on the ancient Kagrai.

Another district of the region is İbradı. İbradı District, which means the Cold Place and whose population increases in summer and decreases in winter, is a plateau itself. The height of the sea is 950 meters and the local people are Yörük. It is home to Ormana Town, 2 km away from İbradı District Center, and the products with "Best Houses" at 7 km away. Between the two villages are the ruins of the Ancient City of Erymna. You can go down to Altınbeşik Cave National Park from the product village. Do not forget to see Altınbeşik Cave during your visit to the region. The ruins of the Seljuk Caravanserai located in the Kesikbel area of ​​the Ibradı caravan road are among the places that can be seen in the region. Located in Üzümdere Village, 17 km away from İbradı, Üzümdere National Park is one of the natural beauties to be seen in the region.


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