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Koprülü Canyon

Köprülü Canyon National Park
Koprülü Canyon starting point (Bozyaka Mah. Bridge) is 80 km from Antalya city center. This point is 114 km from Alanya city center. When you arrive by Serik or Manavgat (connecting to the same road in both directions), it is divided into road 2 without arriving at Bozyaka Bay. In this distinction, "Köprülü Kanyon" illuminated text / sign will welcome you. You can take your first self here with this article. If you continue here on the right and on the left, both roads merge in Olukköprü. You can think of Olukköprü as the last point of the canyon by car.

It is an ancient building with a height of 35 meters and a length of 2.70 meters (one vehicle is difficult to pass) between the two steep sides of the canyon on the historical Olukköprü Köprüçay, which is 22 meters long. The one-eyed stone arch bridge, which fascinates people with its landscape and structure, was restored and landscaped in 1997 by Karayolları. Entry to Köprülü Canyon National Park is free.

Köprülü Canyon Rafting
Koprulu Canyon, attracting many visitors with its natural beauty is the most popular rafting area of ​​Turkey. Rafting is a fun and exciting river sport with boats called raft, which is performed in high flow rivers. The purpose of rafting is to pass the rack (boat) you are in, without knocking it, directing it with shovels, passing it between rocks and obstacles in fast flowing water. If you want to do rafting in Köprülü Canyon, you don't need to spend a lot of effort. Both sides of Köprüçay are filled with rafting companies. You can enter one of them. You can be sure that marketers will find you in the off-peak seasons. Note that prices are negotiable. Some companies provide services and prices, including transfers. Transfer service generally covers the regions of Kemer, Antalya, Manavgat, Alanya. Jeep Safari and nature walks are also very popular in the region.


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