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Lyrbe Antik Kenti

You can go to Lyrbe (Seleukeia) Ancient City by passing through Bucakşeyhler District (Village) in Manavgat District of Antalya Province by passing through a beautiful road with a forest view. It is free to visit the Ancient City. Ancient City is one of the most beautiful ruins in Alanya region. Oymapınar Dam is visible from the top of the city area and the view is simply wonderful. The city itself is in a forested area where goats graze. Do not forget to take water with you when you go here. It is necessary to continue up the road from Manavgat Waterfall and turn left from Bucakşeyhler Village turn left.

The first name of Lyrbe (Seleukeia) Ancient City, based on Stadiasmus Maris Mayni, the seafarers' handbook, is Seleukeia. However, based on the sacred area mentioned in an inscription of the city written in the language of Side, the idea that Lyrbe, an ancient city of Pamphylia, with the identity of a mountain city, should have been located at another point that could be reached by Manavgat Stream and that it should have been a port city. That is why the city is called by 2 names.

The ruins reached today in Lyrbe Ancient City belong to Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine periods. Among these ruins, the city walls, monumental gates and towers, the best preserved agora of Pamphylia region, baths, temples, library, cisterns, church and tomb structures are the most important.

In the ancient city of Lyrbe, between 1972-1979 Prof. Dr. Excavations were carried out by the team of Istanbul University under the direction of Jale Inan. You can see the sculptures and mosaics found in these excavations in Antalya Archeology Museum today. "The Mosaic of Seven Sages" in the library is the most important of these works. In the following years, various artifacts found in the ancient city are exhibited in the Side Archeology Museum.


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