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Side Müzesi

Side Museum is a restored historical building located at the entrance of Side.

The bath of the ancient agora, dating from 5-6th century AD, was restored in 1960/61 and turned into a museum. It is a very beautiful museum, although not very large, with its garden and halls.

A large part of the works exhibited in the museum, Prof. Dr. Finds unearthed during the excavations carried out by Arif Müfid Mansel in the ancient city of Side between 1947-1967. From Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine Times; inscriptions, arms reliefs, sculptures that are copies of Greek originals made from the Roman Period, torsos, sarcophagi, portraits, ostoteks, amphoras, altars, tomb steles, column heads and column bases are exhibited.

A fee is paid at the entrance of the Museum and the Antique Theater in the Ancient City of Side. Access to other areas is free.


Our magnificent rooms are waiting for you right next to the center of Side in a quiet and peaceful environment.

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Side yaz tatillerinde en çok tercih edilen tatil beldesi.

Masmavi denizi, huzurlu doğası, tarihi değerleri ve eğlence mekanları ile öne çıkmaktadır.


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